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I have taken the banner photos on this site using a film camera, and scanned them by myself. I am personally very interested in the combination of photographs and text. I use this method in my work and art. Photos give birth to strong impressions and images, and these impressions become the seeds of performances, experiments, or a picture book, like Myths.

In Butoh dance, this transformation of movements, metamorphoses, bodily conformations, and states of consciousness into images, which together can formulate the passage, or dramaturgy, of a whole performance is called Butoh-fu.

A Butoh performance and the photographs that eternalize it are very suitable for both graphic and textual post-processing. Butoh dance is very animated performance art, both a moving picture and an energetic stillness, therefore providing an abundance of mental images and awakened impressions and memories.

The inner landscape within both the performer and audience comes to life and to the surface, being perceived by and interacting with everyday reality. During a powerful interaction, this kind of experience can produce something mutual and communal between people, coming from an archaic space of memories and experiences. It is this area from which and where extremely influential and important experiences in human life are born, taking the form of Butoh dance, poetry, myths, fables, art, love, and creative life.
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Art, in its most natural state, provides integrative experiences which are beyond good or bad, free of criticism or expectations to succeed, to do things the right way. This is Art of Integrity.
Osku Leinonen
MO theatre creates and performs unique works that draw one's inspiration from nature, myths, dreams and moment of now; combining Butoh, physical theatre, video and visual arts.
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